Dungeon Crawl

For the Winter Session as a last hurrah, I want the Mice to do some spelunking beneath Lockhaven in a good old dungeon type crawl.

Suggestions for how to do that with MG?

I don’t think it’d be any different than another system. The patrol could be called upon to look into the disappearance of an archivist or something who disappeared beneath the library… and whaddaya know! There are burrows, and even old tunnels and buildings that were made by mice before Lockhaven was supposedly settled!

It should be a single complex obstacle. Sample elements include Pathfinder to find the way through, Nature for climbing, Scientist for dealing with traps, Scout for sneaking or spotting something important (like a trap), Health for holding one’s breath underwater (or in a gas-filled chamber), Laborer for shoring up a tunnel so it won’t collapse (or attempting to clear it after it has collapsed), Loremouse for identifying spoor, Survivalist for gathering material for building a fire and getting it lit (essential for twists that put out your lantern or lose you your torches). I’m sure you can extend the list. Just remember two things:

  1. The Fun Once rule. Don’t circumvent it.

  2. Choose a few important elements as obstacles. These should be the things they have to face no matter what happens. Everything else should be reserved as Twists (along with Animal encounters, naturally).

You know who also like to use tunnels? That’s right, the big W.

Seriously, I can’t think of any reason why the mice wouldn’t take advantage of underground tunnels. They are safe from an non-burrowing animals, have fewer weather complications and make good places to store grain, etc.

On the other hand they would be totally full of adventure. Underground rivers, cave ins, frozen patches of earth, burrowing critters, earthworms to harvest, strange fungus, ants (in mass) to contend with, etc.

That sounds awesome. I think a MG dungeon crawl would be great, but I also agree with Thor, checking for traps once is cool, twice is labor.