An enormous sinkhole opened up in the middle of isolated wilderness. Deep inside, the ruins of an ancient underground civilization, perhaps even older than the dwarves. Some entrepreneurial spirits founded a permanent campsite in the vicinity and founded Dungeonland, a “theme park” for would-be adventurers.

Skills: Dungeoneer, Haggler
Traits: Steady Hands, Cunning

Haggling in Dungeonland: Ob 3
Town affiliation: Chaos

Locations and notable residents of Dungeonland

Lost Lamp Tavern: Melodia the Elf bard, a beautiful elf maid clad in a sparkling gown, provides entertainment (2 shows a night). Outside in the street, Skunky Pete might help you to scrounge for a free meal or a pair of worn-out shoes if you’re as down on your luck as he is. The nearby stables are run by Edmund “the Chaos Rider” Trask. A fierce knight-turned-outlaw with a crazy moustache. Also: he’s a total dick.

Lazy Eye’d Dragon: At this flophouse you’ll find Elsbeth, a halfling. She’ll offer you a bed for the night…hers. You’ll wake up minus your pouch.

Dewdrop Inn: Gert and Holly, human innkeepers from Away. Pleasant country folk, ruthless hagglers. They also run the adjoining Dungeonland general store/gift shop. Torches, lanterns, candles and oil cost +1 more than usual. All guests of the Dewdrop Inn are given a complimentary breakfast and travel rations (basically a one-use pouch of granola/trail mix that alleviates the hungry/thirsty condition). Slightly helpful maps are available for an ob 3 resources test. Get is always looking to procure better maps from adventurers.

Dewdrop Fountain: The fountain is a clever device that the Dewdrop Inn was built around. Effervescent spring water bubbles up from deep down in the rock and ends in this fountain, which is capped. Essentially a soda fountain. Each night spent in the Dewdrop Inn gives you a free skin refill. The innkeepers handle all refills as the fountain is locked. Extra refills of skins requires an ob 1 resources test. Filling a bottle or jug requires an ob 2 resources test. Without the key, the fountain cannot be used (ob 3 Criminal test to pick).

Temples & shrines: There used to be a shrine here but it was deserted and eventually vandalized. Perhaps now there’s an opportunity to spread word of your god?

The Big Hole: The long, long walk down the ramshackle wooden walkway and spiraling stone stairs cut into the (deeper,) rock walls of the Big Hole requires an ob 1 Health test by all party members. The walk back up is even more strenuous harder: ob 2 Health test. An elevator is available (it’s a platform/rope/winch with a laborer on the other end) and is a Ob 1 Resources test. Harald, a human laborer, mans the winch. His qualifications: he’s huge.

sounds like fun!

Weird question: Melodia as it is or Melodía as in melody in Spanish?

Stay cool 8)

It’s Melodia in the common tongue. Her real name is in Elvish, which I do not speak!

In Quenya, it could be Lirilla. Of course, the Elvish in Dungeonland may not match up with Tolkien’s version…