Dwalyn Oakenshield, intrepid dwarven adventurer out on his own

Dwalyn Oakenshield

Dwarf Adventurer, aged 49, from Dwarfland

Parents are the Oakenshields the laborers

His mentor is Brandor the dungeoneer

His friend is Tork the stonemason

He is of a Chaotic disposition

He has a helm with one broken off horn

Belief is - The edge of my axe solves most problems

Goal is - Find Dahlia

Instinct is - Always listen at intersections


Born of the Earth and Stone


Will - 3

Health - 5

Nature - 4

Resources - 0 (1D)

Circles - 3

Natures descriptors - Delving, Crafting and Avenging a Grudge

Wises - Shrewd-Appraisal Wise. Orc-Wise


Armorer - 2

Dungeoneer - 4

Fighter - 4

Orator - 2

Persuader -2

Scout - 2

Laborer - 2

Stonemason - 2


Head - Helm with broken horns

Neck - Necklace worth (2d)

Torso - Leather Armor


Belt - Hand axe

Water skin

Feet - Shoes


Torches (4)

Tinder box

Rations, preserved

Small sack


Dwalyn grew up as the third son of a 4th son of a worthless house.   His mother named him after someone great hoping the name would end up granting Dwalyn heroics.  Not suprisingly it added nothing to Dwalyin’s character or skills.  Booted out of the house after he was caught exploring the larder Dwalyn’s father told him to go make something of himself.  Dwalyn shouldered his back, grabbed a broken horned helm, setting out to prove his mettle.  Dwalyn likes food, isn’t a hero and likes how the helm feels on his head.  He thinks his axe can solve most of his problems and has come to the conclusion that when he is in a strange place he should take a listen before he plunders in.  

This is a character I rolled up to playtest Torchbearer with my brother, dmiller here on the forums.  This is Dwalyn’s bio, to follow him I am going to start a thread in the play test forum and post there when we play, which is once a week.

here is my rendition

Awesome rendition brother…he looks great…thanks