Dwarven Armor and Damage / Repair

Just a quick question, if a Dwarven bought armor from the chargen, loses armor dice in combat. Then is subsequently repaired, does it regain the ability to ignore the first 1 rolled?

If no, does repairing it with War-art help (same difficulty as making a new one (also requires a forge etc))

Thanks in advance.

Not so far as I’ve heard, but that sounds like a nice failure consequence for a failed mending roll.

No and no. It’s a special quality of the armor when it’s new.

What if a dwarven smith wants to create a dwarven mail, what is the obstacle? I’m thinking about the one that costs 100 rp at character creation. How much does it cost to gather the materials?

And as the adventure presses on, how much does it cost for the smith to repair it when needed?

The rules are on page 307 under War Art obstacles.

But… On page 125, “Dwarven-made Armor” is a section of it’s own, something distinct from “Dwarven Mail”. On page 307 it only says that the obsticle is +1 to make armor “Dwarven-made”. It says nothing about the added obstacle for “Dwarven Mail”.

It says however that the Dwarven Mail counts as “gray shade heavy mail” of “superior quality”. Does this mean that the obstacle is ob3 (heavy mail) +1ob (dwarven-made) +3ob (superior quality) = ob7 (for a dwarf with grey skill)?

It seems to me that the ob should be a little bit higher, since it is an ob10 resource test to buy a Dwarven Mail. Not to mention that if you create a dwarven-made heavy mail of superior quality and look at the stats, the “Dwarven Mail” seems better - see clumsy weight table p 478, see superior quality stats p 477 and remove dwarven-made clumsy weight for speed p 125. Dwarven Mail still has less clumsy weight than this one.

Or am I missing something?

That’s only an Ob3 Margin of Profit for the poor smith, who has spent decades, centuries even, honing his skill. :wink:

I think that the fact that Dwarven Mail is considered gray-shaded, and would hence require a gray skill to craft it, justifies a slightly lower Ob as opposed to a straight Resources test. If you have a gray-shade crafting skill, then you definitely should be creating better stuff more easily.

After reading Magic Burner, i have a question:
May a dwarven smith use Enchanting rules ob (P81 magic burner) or similar to make Items, when using war arts or other Dwarf crafting arts?
That would explane how to make a Dwarven mail. and similar items?

I would think the profit is sky high… 10 resources just for 1 Dwarven Mail. After selling the first, he can start making another. He’ll probably be richer than the dwarven kings by the end. :slight_smile:

You already do create stuff more easily with a grey skill… even without lowering the ob. With some linked tests and helping dice, it’s going to be fairly simple to create the mail.

This is OK by me if this is how the system is designed to work. I just want to make sure I get it right.

This isn’t D&D, where Mithril is available at the nearest Dwarven Outpost. It’s a big ground breaking occurrence for a campaign world, the shit is that rare, like Digging for Lithium. Finding and then Mining Mithril is a suitable goal for a story arc at least.

I think Mithril is exceedingly rare, enchanting ingredient rare. It probably requires at the very least linked tests of Ob9 Prospecting, Ob6 Mining, Ob 9 Command to stop your Greedy Minions running off with it, not to mention the Firebuilding in the Forge [Which needs to be made first], and other associated forging tests. Fail that first Prospecting test and the consequences are you dig too deep and let something nasty out to the surface; Fail Mining and you get trapped down their with it; fail Firebuilding and your fire attracts said nasty to a nice warm place in the Mines…