Dwarven Forge Skogenby Map

Hi everyone,

I hope this is the correct forum to post this in. I had some free time today so I used the new(ish) map maker tool on Dwarven Forge’s site to create the Skogenby map. It’s probably not 100% accurate but it’s as good I as think I could get it and still be reasonably sized. Feel free to make edits/corrections.

Enjoy: http://www.dwarvenforge.com/mapmaker/shared?mapId=789fb4ba3f97e127df80edb2ea16312581ad17b2

Skeleton beds!

Ha! Yeah, they didn’t have any sarcophagi or coffin type things so that’s the closest I could come. I think I’m going to spend some time tomorrow to dress it up some more.

This was awesome. I cobbled together the following from my extant sets. Wish they would restock catacombs… but then I’d have to rob a bank to buy them, so its for the best.


Awesome! Must share!

Any ideas how one could easily use such modeling with Torchbearer? Would it just be a dollhouse during exploration (as conflict is so abstract)?

Also, I am about 5 minutes late, but Dwarven Forge just completed a Kickstarter for more caverns, Pheel…