Dwarves Suck at Tactics!

So I was reading the dwarven lifepaths while on a plane the other day, like you do, when I realized no dwarven lifepath contains the Tactics skill. None.

The Captain, the most logical place to put Tactics, has Strategy, just like the Quartermaster, Warden, and High Captain. Is that intentional?

I wanted to check if it was just supposed to convey that dwarves are no good at Range & Cover and ambushes. If that’s not the case, I’ll add it to the errata in the wiki.

This is not meant to be smarmy. I have assumed things were oversights before that I now believe to be intentional (ie. no lifepath having Boxing, so General Points or in-game learning are necessary).

Hardly any LPs have the tactics skill. That’s what general points are for.

Dwarves fight on their honor and passion. Clever tactics are not their strength.

Also kick-ass armor.

See. That’s almost exactly what I was going to say…

Well, actually, I was going to say that dwarves don’t need tactics because they’re so awesome and cool, they just run into things and then those things get mowed down in a shower of squishy goo.


You see, a clever Dwarven general lets his enemies acquire an Dwarven Treasure before the battle, then all his troops will factor in their Greed. No need for Tactics.

I believe that ploy falls under the gambit of Strategy rather than tactics. The High Captain gets that one, page 113.

Tactics? What’s that? Don’t you know that Dwarven warriors are just there to hold the line until the siege can pull into position? There is no tactics, only engineering! (“I Reckon 2 more squads will hold the Hall until we get the ballista in place.” “Half the shields were still broken from the Troll rush last night.” “Ah, better make it 3 squads.”)


“Just remember to pull out of the tunnels and back into the Hold before we collapse them.” “Which tunnels?” “All of them.”

At first I was going to argue that engineers would know better. Then I realized that only the tacticians would. Suddenly I understand why Dwarves pull off epic feats on the battlefield and in their architecture: they don’t quite know where “enough” is, so they err on the side of awesome.

I’ve always imagined dwarves tactics went along the lines of, “Give them NOTHING. Take from them… EVERYTHING.” But that’s probably just Trollslayers.

That is entirely within the realm of terrible tactics.