Dysons's Delve Level 1

My Torchbearer conversion of Dyson’s Delve Level 1 is below, please feel free to comment.

Dyson’s Delve Level 1 (for level 1 characters)

Entrances & Exits

[li]Cave entrance (from outside wilderness) south of area 1
[/li][li]Spiral stairs (from ruins on surface) northwest of area 4
[/li][li]Stairs down (to level 2, area 1) in area 7
[/li][li]Natural stairs down (to level 2, area 9) east of area 1

Wandering Monsters (in addition to those in the core rules)

[li]Giant Rats. A swarm of 2d6 giant rats. They’re currently nervous and frightened due to the invading giant ferrets, count as Might 1.
[/li][li]Goblins. 1D6 goblins either going or returning from a raiding mission.
[/li][li]Hobgoblin. 1 hobgoblin, there is a 50% chance he is accompanied by the goblins above, if not he’s annoyed that he can’t find them.
[/li][li]Fire Beetles. 1d6 fire beetles are scavenging for food.
[/li][li]Skeletons. 1D6 skeletons. These are the only monsters to be encountered in areas 8-11.
[/li][li]Limestone Caves. The rough uneven floor and widespread rat faeces make a tumble hazardous. Check for disease as for a giant rat conflict.
[/li][li]Tunnels. You become stuck in the tunnels.
[/li][li]Damaged Gear. An item of your gear is broken or otherwise damaged as a result of a failed test.

Contents & Description

1. Cave Entrance. (Dark) This entrance is concealed on the hillside by thick foliage, although animal (and other) tracks lead through the brush to the cave entrance. This large chamber is a natural limestone cave with a rough, uneven floor. In the northernmost recess of the wall is a pile of animal bones including an old goblin skull converted into a mouse nest containing an item from the Stuff Table.

2. Rats Nest. (Dark) 12 Giant Rats. Low morale (Might 1) as they are hiding from the giant ferrets. Copper coins (pack 2) are mixed in with the various nesting materials on the floor.

3. Invaded Nest. (Dark) 3 Giant Ferrets and the corpses of the five giant rats they have just killed.

4. Main Entrance. (Dark) 2 Goblins watch the stairs. A compromise is likely to lead to a Goblin alerting the guards in area 5.

5. Guard Room. 4 Goblins and a runty hobgoblin (-1s Attack and Defend) that nobody likes, live and ‘guard’ here.

6. Boss’ Room. Fighting in area 5 will alert the hobgoblin who lives in this room to trouble. He has silver coins (pack 1) in a locked box under his table. The key is nailed to the underside of the table.

7. Descent. 2 Goblin rat-catchers and their pet giant ferret are coming up the stairs from level 2. The two doors to the south are barred from this side with crudely painted skulls in black paint on them.

8. Crypt of Saint Ulther. (Dark) The east wall is decorated with a mosaic of the life of saint Ulther, a priest with bulging eyes who is shown guiding a fishing vessel in to port during a mighty storm. An ornate sarcophagus contains his skeletal remains.

9. Devotional. (Dark) A dried font for holy water and several candle-niches in the walls indicate the old purpose of this room.

10. Tomb. (Dark) A sarcophagus is in the centre of the room. If opened, a chain mail clad zombie attacks from within. The zombie was entombed with an item from the Treasure and Valuables Loot Table. The small room to the west has a stone door sealed with wax. Inside is another more ornate sarcophagus containing skeletal remains.

11. Crypts. (Dark) These crypts contain piles of skeletal remains and 9 skeletons.

12. Tunnels. (Dark) The tunnels are low and narrow and littered with detritus, normal adventurers will have to remove all carried gear to try and traverse them.

Non Core Monsters

Fire Beetles
Giant Ferret

Not sure if the Goblin areas should be dimly lit or dark. Sure, goblins can see in the dark, however would they have guttering torches or fires in their lair?

Are you intentionally making all your obstacles conflicts, with no skill challenges? How do you intend to handle the half-dozen rats who won’t have any disposition?

Woah, woah. Brutal. Rats are pretty stupid, so they could just be sitting around sniffing the air or run off and come back to fight later.

Torchbearer does seem to work with less monsters, though. Three Squires has… three conflicts, I think? And that’s a 20ish area dungeon. Should probably halve the amount of monsters and filter in some other stuff.

I’ve not detailed any tests, conflicts or otherwise, just made the original text easier to read for TB.

It’s a snapshot in time of the dungeon, so no they are not all conflicts and no the creatures and monsters are not static. If your scout encounters the goblins coming up the stairs attempt to fall back and watch where they go and what they do.

This is as much as I need to run a “living dungeon” and I thought I would share the work… :s

What’s the story behind this ruin? Why are these creatures here?

The story is found with the Dyson’s Delve pdfs, I’m on my phone at the moment so can’t easily relate them. The idea wasn’t to redo the whole pdfs just make it easier to run them with TB.

Looks good to me! I love Dyson’s maps. I look forward to hearing how it plays out.

This dungeon will easily take at least 3 session to finish. Keep that in mind.

In my last game, players haven’t made it past room number 1, and it was after 3 hours of play :wink: