Ear to the Ground

“Ear to the Ground: Take +1 to the Entering Town roll, town events roll, tavern rumors or life of the streets roll. Your choice. May be used once per town phase.“

When it says “Your choice.” Is that you choose which benefit you get when you take the level benefit? Or can you choose each town session?

Also, if I take the +1, am I stuck with the modified result? If I decide to take +1 to my Street Events roll, (a terrible choice), and I roll a 9, can I keep the Alms or am I stuck with Misplaced?


You choose each time you’re in town.


Well, that makes the ability quite a bit more useful. Thanks.

As a level 7 ability for Thief, I would be as generous as I could with that wording. I would allow the Thief to choose each Town phase when they want to apply it. I’d also probably allow it work like Haggling, allowing them to keep the result or bump it up.


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