Earning artha for multiple traits and beliefs that overlap


So something I can’t seem to find discussed previously on the forums or the books, apart from the codex’s suggestion to keep to one trait fate per session. Would a character earn fate and persona for acting out a scene where a belief is accomplished and a trait is highlighted? Does the player have to choose one or the other reward?

In games that allow multiple trait fate per session, how do you handle rewarding fate for traits that overlap each other (and come from the same scene)? For example, “pragmatic” and “shrewd”. Does only one trait get rewarded for the scene?


I would award Artha from Beliefs and from Traits independently. Of course, you don’t get Artha from simply highlighting a Trait, it has to alter the course of the story in an unforeseen manner or complicate the character’s life. If someone had Traits that overlap, I would only reward one Fate point. We can decide together which Trait earned it. If the traits continued to overlap, I might suggest one be removed or rewritten.

Double-dippin’ is frowned upon, as a general rule.

I wouldn’t give two artha for the same thing, but you can get two artha in the same scene if you do something to pursue a Belief and a trait causes a problem in that scene.