Earning Checks on PvP Versus Tests

Question… When two players are facing off against a roll. I find it silly when my players both try to use a trait against themselves for checks. Seems like a cop-out to getting free checks when the roll values and risks have not changed. How could, as a GM use this so the players do not abuse this feature. The situation has come up twice during the GM turn, where the players could agree on where to go and out right challenged them to a roll off.

You’re right, this is problematic. However, there’s a safety valve. The GM controls the obstacles and thus when the players test in the GM’s Turn. If there’s no conflict between the characters – if the players are merely trying to be clever and earn easy checks – do not allow them to test. Narrate the results and describe the next obstacle.

I’ll keep that in mind. I guess I will just make them RP the scene rather then allow them to test if it becomes an issue again.

I know it seems sacrilegious to deny players their time to fuck up the game, but that’s the beauty of Mouse Guard. The players can have their moments in the PT. During the GT, it’s time to rock!

Agreed - i’ve frequently seen a particular player blatantly trying to farm checks, and he has been really dismayed when i tell him ‘its quite easy, you make it. no roll required.’ it sounds bad, but metagaming should be rewarded with meta-GMing