Earning Checks

So . . . the only way to earn a Check is through using your Traits, with an average player accumualting 1 or 2 (& possibly more) per GM Turn? Or am I completely mistaken and they can be earned some other way (ie - as a reward for doing something mind-blowingly stupendous, such as getting the moose to go away single-handedly)?

I only ask because after reading through the book (there is no index reference for Trait Checks by the way), and reading the q&a’s here, that to me the overall idea seems to be to not gain too many Checks. If so, it seems to a bit harsh for the players in return for all of their hard work in the GM Turn.

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Your answer is on page 259 and 260.

Everyone can earn a bunch during a conflict.
EVERY time you roll, you can opt for 2, 3 if it’s opposed.

Sorry Luke, I didn’t realise the thread on Conflicts/Checks had finished. Mouseguard is the first narrative-type of game I have ever read (apart from Dogs) and I just needed a clarification. Again, sorry about that.

Thanks Aramis . . . so 2 to 3 is the average then. Thanks very much.