Eastern Anatomy

This skill is inspired by both myth and reality, as well as movies and walks through Chinatown here in NYC!

Eastern Anatomy

This skill focuses on medicinal and holistic uses of anatomy and internal energy to treat and create conditions.

Basic anatomy: Ob 1 (muscles, bones)
Intermediate anatomy: Ob 2 (organs)
Advanced anatomy: Ob 3 (vessels, nerves, bodily systems)
Open Chi: +1D to next test, Ob 3.

Block Chi: +1 Ob to next test, Ob 3.

Treatment: Superficial Ob 2, Light Ob 2, Midi Ob 3, Severe Ob 5, Traumatic Ob 7, Mortal Ob 12

Stop the Bleeding: Midi Ob 1, Severe Ob 2, Traumatic Ob 4, Mortal Ob 4

Flush disease*:
Illness (+1Ob/-1D): Ob 2
Allergy: Ob 3
Chronic Disease: Ob 4
Fatal Disease: Ob 6

Numb: Grant recipient the Numb trait for one scene, Ob 4.

Nerve Block: This effect acts as an anesthetic. It grants advantage to Field Dressing or Surgery: Ob 2 for first die. +1 Ob per additional die. If Anatomy test is failed, GM may increase wound category by one step – Midi to Severe.

Block Poison: Stops the harmful effects of a poison until a cure can be attempted. Once a cure is attempted, the poison is unblocked. Common toxins like spoiled food, Ob 2; insect/arachnid poisons, Ob 3. Reptile venom, Ob 4. Add +1 Ob if the poison comes from a Great creature. Add +1 Ob if the poison is magical or alchemical in nature.

Alleviate Trait: Harmful or penalty-causing traits can be temporarily nullified. Base Ob 1 plus cost of worst penalty within the trait. Increasing the duration of the effect increases the Ob of the test: one test, No +Ob; one scene/conflict, +1 Ob; session, +3 Ob; Adventure, +7 Ob.

*Disease Categories:
Illness (infections, colds, diarrhea, depression)
Allergy (Dust, Rat Dander, Wolf Saliva, Ancient Seneschal Pollen)
Chronic Disease (Asthma, Arthritis)
Fatal Disease (Tuberculosis, Leprosy)

Are these the rules we came up with a few years ago?

Yeah! I was going through my Google Drive looking for the Tae Poong Do stuff and came across it. I couldn’t recall if they were complete or not. Seemed so!