Eleon, Thieving Elf!

Walking through the process…
Eleon - Elven taker of what ain’t rightly his…
From the trading village at the corner of the Highroad and the Elfland Road.

Class Ranger
Alignment: Unaffiliated
Will 4
Health 4
Nature 4
Circles 5

Arcanist 3
Criminal 2
Fighter 2
Haggler 4
Lore Master 3
Scout 2
Survivalist 2
Scholar 2

Elven Lore-Wise, Lock-Wise

First Born, quick-witted, Jaded
RH: Dagger
LH: Lantern
T1: Cloak
T2: Pack
T3: | |
BW: Dagger (when not carried)
BS: Water.
P1: Thieve’s Tools
P2: Flask of Oil
P3: Rations, Preserved
P4: Spellbook (Supernatural Vision, Word of Binding)
P5: | |
P6: Large Sack
SL1: Empty (for later filling)
SL2: | |
SL3: | |
SL4: | |
SL5: | |
SL6: | |
Nature Questions
Old songs? Bah!
Evil? Not my concern. My elven cousins are plenty fine to hide amongst
The West does not call for me.

Friend? Dorn the Merchant.
Parents? Yes, inkeepers Aella and Othranduil
Mentor? Knuckles. He’s a fence.
Enemy? Sheriff John.

B: The World is there to be plundered, and men forget much faster than elves what was theirs, so from them I will take my living!
I: When accused, blame someone else!
G: I will haul loot, loot aplenty! (3 spaces or more!)

Eleon is dark haired, swarthy of skin (to a creamy pale tan), and dressed in comfortable gray woolens. His shoes are of wool with leather soles.

He’s friendly, but not very trustworthy - too much time with those humans. He still prefers to associate with Human teens, and is becoming something of a problem for the sheriff… “Ringleader” comes to mind.

“May replace or increase your homeland trait with…” is a cumbersome wording. It’s not clear if one can take a third from the Nature questions, or if taking the Question trait replaces the hometown one.

I assumed “increase” meant as in from 1 to 2, if you already have that trait. But yeah, I also found it a bit confusing.

I noticed a restriction I had overlooked earlier. Mon and dad may not to dead,but they ain’t on speaking terms. Circles Should be 4.

my rendition

hand drawn, not usually the case drew it at work.