Elf songs clarification

i was told that elvish songs effects only take effect after the listed number of actions are completed. in that case, is wonderment caused while the song is being sung or only after all the actions have been completed as well? for example litany of responsibilities actions field says the song has no end.

Wonderment takes effect a number of exchanges equal to the hearer’s Will from when the elf starts singing (p. 142 BWG).

Elf songs also have a number of actions required for their primary effect to happen. So for some songs (for example, Gift of Speed which takes 4 actions) it is possible that the elf will finish the song before a strong-willed listener has to test for Wonderment.


weirdly, that sentence seems to be omitted from my copy of bwg revised.
thank you for your help :slightly_smiling_face:

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I can see how that would lead to confusion. Glad I could help.


It seems this section now reads, “The test to sing the song must be successful. And if the Elf should stop singing, wonderment and Steel effects end.” Which makes me wonder if the removal of reference to the hearer’s Will was intentional. The new text on the next page also seems to indicate that Steel is now supposed to be tested once the Elf successfully tests the song. The reference to the hearer’s Will is once again removed, and it just says everyone who is “susceptible within [the Elf’s] Presence should make a Steel test” "[i]f it is sung successfully.

yeah this is what i was thinking. it seems to me that this means elf songs force steel tests immediately…

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This was my interpretation as well.

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