elves ftw

Once in range and cover, an elf with threne of chameleon and high stealth can script sneak in, win, and shoot his great or elven bow to beat just about anything that is even remotely mortal. a 4 LP ranger can be nearly unstopable. Is that just the way things are supposed to work?

  • wheel-weary

Elves are definitely dangerous, but they’re not unstoppable. First, you still need to roll and things can always go wrong when you go to the dice. Second, heavily armored opponents can be difficult to take down with bows–even cheat-y elven bows. Third, actions like Hold Position give you a free shot, even if your opponent successfully used a Sneak In or Sneak Out. One guy ready to stand his ground could give your elf a very bad day.

yeah we found those to be the best actions against it as well