Elves in the Middarmark (aging, dying)

Elves in different settings seem to have a lot of different feels and interpretations. My question is how elves age and what happens when they die in the Middarmark? I’d like to stick with whatever might be canon, but I know it’s all quite thinly detailed in the book. I’m curious how others might approach this and if it’s answered anywhere in the book that I just totally missed.



Elves in the Middarmark do not die of old age. They can be slain (by another’s hand or their own), wither from grief, or fade into the Drømmerendal.

They are not of the Middarmark, but another realm entirely (Alfheim). However, they are barred from Alfheim for some reason they do not share. They are refugees in the Middarmark.

As for what happens when they die? I do not currently have a canon answer for you. I suspect they are not found in the Hidden Halls where humans go. Perhaps this issue is connected to their desperation to find their way back to Alfheim?


Very good Thor. Given that they’re ageless I would actually not roll for the age of a starting elf character. The given ages just seem WAY too young. I would just write ageless. And let them loose with their remembering nature. Wasn’t Arwen still a ‘maiden’ at about 3000 years of age?

Arwen had a place in the world.

PC elves are young and facing an eternity subservient to the Dreamers while endlessly performing the magic that keeps Alfås hidden and apart from the Ironwold. So they’ve run away from those responsibilities to find another way.


Interesting… In the next adventure the PCs will meet elves in their natural environment. It won’t be what they expect.


If anyone’s read ‘The Kingdom of Wyrd’ by Dave Morris, the encounter will be based on the elves in that.

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