Emotional Attributes?

Okay so very quick question about emotional attributes. For each one, there’s a list of situational tests with obstacle levels. So, are these actually something you roll against? Or are they there only for the purposes of determining whether the situation is challenging?

Say I’m a Dwarf with D3 Greed. There’s something I want, and stealing it would give me an Ob 4 Greed test. The way I’m reading it, my character doesn’t have to steal it, but if I do, I would automatically gain a mark for Greed advancement (which you don’t really want).

Or do I have this wrong? Would I HAVE to steal it, unless I meet the Greed obstacle? If so, what do you test against the Ob 4 – Greed? Will? Steel? Whether or not you pass or fail, you would gain a test, so this option doesn’t seem right to me.

Or if I have the whole thing wrong, please let me know! Thanks!

Not really an expert on Dwarves but I think it depends a lot on passing your “She’s Magnificent” steel test and how you choose to react when you fail it.
You get to comtrol if and when you spend a persona point to tap into your dwarven greed, so it is controllable on that level. But it does seem that performing any of those tasks listed on page 124 would cause you to test.

But as I said, I’m not an expert on Dwarves.

And an obstacle 4 test on a B3 Greed is a Challenging test. (Mark is for Damage)

Situational tests never are rolled. They are automatically marked as Advancement tests is appropriate.

Also remeber that you have to fill up any two of the three test categories to advance Greed (pg 43), so you could always just keep shooting for those challenging tests because you only count your highest test per skill/attribute/stat per scene if you are always getting the challenging tests they will keep you from registering the lower tests, that way you never get all of your tests filled in for advancement. It makes sense if you have a belief written about it (I take what I want when I want it).

That having been said, I advise that you control your dwarves greed advancement, but do not be afraid to let it advance within the storyline.

Which you mark down. Which is, I’m pretty sure, what lotophagi was saying.

And do note that you can mark tests for the same stat/skill multiple times in one scene. It’s only when you have multiple rolls for one objective that you only count one. In practice, with the Let It Ride rule, that will occur pretty much exclusively in the extended conflict systems: Fight, Range and Cover, and Duel of Wits. If in one scene your Greed is triggered by two different things and you spend Persona to tap it for bonus dice then you will mark three different tests for advancement.

And I learn something new every day.