Ending Conflicts Early

Hello, all. I have played BW quite a bit, but am just starting my first MG game. I feel that this question is probably answered somewhere in the book and I am just missing it.

Let’s say that the players are in a battle with a snake. The players’ intent is to kill the snake, and the snake’s is to eat the mice. I realize that these simple, straightforward intents do not always make for the most interesting conflicts, but bear with it for now.

What happens if things are going very poorly for the players and they want to turn tail and run? Can they attempt this? Does a new Chase conflict start? Do they need a successful Maneuver to do so? Or are they required to stick it out and not be Weasels? Is this just a case where they set the stakes and they have to see it through?

Many thanks in advance.

Once you’re in a conflict, you’re in until the end. Running away from it could be for the color framework for a compromise after the conflict is over.

Is this a BW rule, or a MG rule? Because I’m pretty sure I read in the BWG positioning rules that you can disengage, then go off to do other stuff.

Just checking, as this is the BWG forum and all.

He was asking about Mouse Guard. I’ll move it to the correct forum.

Note however, that it is true of Duel of Wits.

Just re-read the conflict rules for MG. Once a Conflict starts you’re committed. You have to play it through to the end.

The mice could try to compromise with the snake after the fight conflict is over. They will likely end up with conditions of Angry, Injured, Tired at the least, and quite possibly at least one dead patrol mouse at worst.
Re-read the rules on Death and Killing on pp 132-133.

Remember Mouse Nature and the Natural Order, a snake is a step above mice. Fighting a snake in Mouse Guard is not unlike fighting a Wyvern or small Dragon in traditional fantasy RPGs.

Mouse Guard has rules for Surrender on page 117. The rule is a harsh one. You’re encouraged to finish the conflict.

Good deal, guys. Thanks!