Engagement/Vie for position rules

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I actually discoverded BWG a few weeks ago. I’ve been playing RPG for almost 2 decades now, and from all the games i’ve experience with, it is probably the best system i’ve ever seen. This game is a “chef d’oeuvre” as we say in french (buy the way, sorry for my poor english, it is not my born laguage). I read alomst the whole book and i realy enjoy the way it spokes to me. Ok ok, i get to the point, something between the rules to engage and vie for position confused me a little. I’m pretty sure i missed something. Let’s get the exemple:

I have a dwarf and a human starting a fight. The dwarf is equiped with a axe, and the human with a polearm. On the first engagement of the first exchange, both of them will try to have the avantage. After testing there speed and stride, the lucky human grab the avantage and let the dwarf with is axe at bay.

1: for the rest of the exchange, the dwarf suffer a +1ob penality, as long as the dwarf do not re-take the avantage (with a beat action for exemple).
2: On the second exchange, both will try to vie for position (thats where i’m confuse).

Those are my questions:

If the avantage remain the same in the second exchange, does the human will get a +1D on all off is action (according to the positioning advantage table p.436 BWG)?
Does the dwarf will still suffer is +1ob from the first exchange since the advantage remain the same (according to the weapon table p.431 BWG)?
If the dwarf would take back the avantage on the second (or during the first exchange), witch table chould i use?

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Hi Yoan, welcome to the forums!

When the human and the dwarf vie for position, the human gets +1D for stride and +1D from the table on Page 436 for the Positioning roll. Then consult the table on Page 431 for the losers Ob. The two tables were once combined and the text got confusing after they were separated.

Does that help?

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That’s what i tought first but, after re-reding it, i got confuse. Pretty clear right now!