Engaging for a weapon lenght before unsheathing it

Last night we had this situation at our table, a 1v1 fight where one of the combatants was sitting on a table with her sword in her scabbard, while the other was standing with his light axe already firmly held.

For the engagement, I declared she was positioning for the sword, and since both weapons are the same length, no test was required.

I understand the engagement test as a vie for positioning you do by establishing the best distance for your weapon, and although holding the weapon might help (bonus dice), this is an action you do with your feet, and that’s why you test Speed and not relevant weapon.

Am I right? Or should we have tested with the “current weapon”, i.e. her fists??

(for the curious cat, she got up using two actions on voleey one, while being saved by her helmet from a mark. Then on volley 2 she lost her counterstrike because her opponent changed to aggressive and intimidated her succesfully, making her hesitate for the following 4 actions, and on the 3rd volley, she was hit with a superb -B12- strike to the leg that bipassed her light mail, and died on the spot. I pictured William Wallace cutting a leg clean during one of those pitched battles in Braveheart)

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She should have positioned with fists.


This is the correct ruling.

The correct strategy may have been to Disengage, draw the weapon in the Eye of the Storm, then reengage when armed!

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Or have an Instinct like “Always draw my sword at the first sign of trouble.” It’s a classic!


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