Enhance or Influence?

Trying to come up with a protection spell that acts like natural armor while sustained (the equivalent of gambeson) and I’m torn between Influence (to allow a die test where there wouldn’t normally be one), and Enhance (to strengthen to an other wordly degree). The spell would grant some protection from damage rather than averting damage like Touch Not Sublime Flesh or Turn Aside the Blade (which increase the obstacle to attack rolls).
The main benefits of this spell would be that it could offer some protection against a successful attack, and if it were ever developed into a stronger version it may even protect against damaging magic (assuming you could have enough dice to get past the high VA of most spells). If the spell isn’t capped it could have 1D Armor at obstacle, +1D per extra success.
Which Impetus would you suggest?

Influence I think would affect the incoming blows. Maybe.

Enhance could affect your skin or clothing and make it tougher.

Enhance is also used to grant other anima increases like fish lung and dog ear so duplicating natural armor by spell should follow the same logic. (I can see a reasoning for both but enhance seems more acceptable)