Equipment + Supplies?

I know that a player can add +1D6 if he has a piece of equipment to help with a test (a shovel, a knife, a map, etc…), but can he add an addition +1D6 for supplies (fertilizer, an apple, pile of twigs, etc…)? Are they considered the same type of bonus and only limited to a single D6? I’ve been ruling that a player can only add one die for any and all material items that would help the test.

It seems like the line between supply and tool would be hard to define at times.

Page 241 tells me that if another mouse gives me something I can use in a craft or trade, I get +1D.

Where’s the rule for equipment or tools?

The only tools rule I see is in the chase conflict rules. Page 122-123. “Right Tools for the Job.”

I guess I mean the rules for gear. Page 34.

So does that mean a mouse who is making a cooking test can get +1D for using a pot he owns (gear) and another +1D for using the grain that another mouse brought him (supplies) for a total of +2D added to his cooking skill?

Yes. Great. There you go: two different rules, two different bonuses.

Thanks. I’m pretty hard on my mice, I just want to make sure they have another way to work together.

In this thread I flesh out an example about that very same situation, I might have gone a little further for the purpose of leaving no doubt about it. Maybe it’ll help.