Eric - the Elf Ranger

My very first AD&D character (and my introduction to role-playing) was a half-elven ranger called Eric. This isn’t him, but it could be.

Deep within the Ghost-Wood you will find the remote village of Banshee’s Rest. Eric is the only elf in the village he is also the village carpenter. One morning a dwarf came into the village, looking for the entrance to a dungeon he called himself Norgold Stonebeard.

Norgold took an instant dislike to Eric, making fun of Eric’s auburn hair and calling him names. Eric was ready to use his dagger on the dwarf, but the villagers begged him not to as Norgold was spending money freely. So Eric left the village to hunt for dead wood and to be out of the way of Norgold Stonebeard.

Eric returned that evening to find the village had been destroyed. The only tracks leaving were ones made by a dwarf. Taking what he could carry Eric left the village and is hunting down the soon to be dead dwarf.

Name: Eric of Banshee’s Rest
Stock: Elf
Class: Ranger
Age: 73
Home: Remote Village - Banshee’s Rest located in the Ghost-Wood
Raiment: Drab and ragged homespun clothes, barefoot with a wolf skin cloak.

Enemy: Norgold Stonebeard

Level: 1 Ranger
Alignment: Chaos

Belief: If I treat Nature well, she will protect me
Goal: (determined each session)
Instinct: Always keep a dagger handy

Traits: Fiery 1, Loner 1

Raw Abilities: Will: 4, Health: 4, Nature: Elf/4 (Singing, Remembering, Hiding)
Town Abilities: Resources: 0, Circles: 1

Wises: Elven Craft-wise; Ghost-Wood-wise

Skills: Carpenter 2, Fighter 3, Arcanist 3, Lore Master 3, Persuader 2, Survivalist 2, Scout 3, Scholar 2

Torso: Cloak (worn 1), Satchel (worn 1)
Belt-pouch: spell supplies (pack 1 per spell)
Belt-skin: wine (skin 1) full
Belt-weapon: dagger
Satchel: Travelling spell book (pack 2), Torches (pack 1 or hand/carried 1)

Travelling Spell Book’s spells: Wisdom of the Sages, Mystic Porter, Celestial Music