Errata for the Revised Edition

I just picked up BW Gold within the last six months along with the Codex, so I’m not really excited to shell out money for the revised edition.

Is there an errata list or document I could use instead?


I too am interested to learn what the revised edition has within it. I’ll likely be buying it anyway but all very curious what the exact errata might be.

Edit: i reread the email
"But even that wasn’t enough. They cracked their whips and demanded we address weak rules, inconsistencies and repetitive junk. I agreed to nearly all of the changes, but my one condition was that we couldn’t rewrite the book—the pagination had to remain the same. Rewriting everything means new layout. Which is death. Working within these limitations, we managed to make many fixes and tweaks. We even added rules for creating your own traits and rebalanced Elven Grief. Thus, we’re very proud of the new edition and we can’t wait for you to see it. "

Would not be possible to have a PDF with the erratas and the tweaks to the rules?
It would ease things for international customers.


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