Is there a list of errata to the original book and PDFs? Or updated PDFs? We are finding that (with Skills and Conflicts in particular) there are discrepancies in rules from chapter to chapter and/or from book to accessory. Two examples are:

[li]Laborer: Several skills list Laborer as suggested help under Ability and Skill Factors, but not under the Skills chapter (for example, Alchemy, Armorer and Healer).[/ul]
[*]My PDF of the GM screen doesn’t match the GM screen we use in play. It still says stuff like “Chase, Argument and Speech” instead of “Pursue/Flee, Convince and Convince Crowd.”[/ul]

Almost all of the errata to date have been typos and the like, except the Laborer issue. The Ability and Skills Factors chapter is correct.

Sounds like the PDF is an earlier version (which makes sense as it was released straight away). I’m not sure whether we uploaded a new version or not. When Luke gets back with PAX, I’ll check with him about it.

Much appreciated. I make my own character sheets and stat cards and its kind of awkward when my information differs from the rest of the party or the GM. Thanks for the help.

Edit: It looks like the back of the GM screen in my PDF is correct. at least it has all the correct terminology. (Convince instead of Argument, etc.) So, really, all I need is the correct non-standard weapons that are listed on the inside. That’s where the real discrepencies are coming from. If I could get that, it would be a big help.