Errors in 2nd Edition

I’m watching a Mouse Guard campaign called Whiskers&Whiskey on youtube, the GM is Eric Vulgaris, he’s a well known streamer with vast knowledge of roleplaying, he also mentions knowing Luke Crane as they roleplay together often.

During the campaign there are several events or changes to the rules from those set out in the 2nd edition manual.

The first is in regards to learning a new skill. In the book it says: “Once you have attempted to use that skill a number of times equal to your current maximum Nature rating, you open the skill at a rating of 2”… in Eric it says “once you have attempted to use the skill you want to learn a number of times equal or your current Nature rating (not maximun), you learn the skill with a rating of 2, so taxing your current Nature is good to learn skills faster”…

The second is about ties and advancement, in the book it says: “A tie result does not count as advancement. There is no pass or fail, so there is no advancement. If you want to earn a check for advancement for that skill or ability, you must break the tie with a trait or a fate point. If you make a tiebreaker roll, you earn a test for the ability or skill that breaks the tie”… but in the video, once they succeded after a tie breaker rol, the GM is giving to the player one check advancemet to the skill that tied before the tie breaker rol (scout), and then to the the ability that broke the tie (health). It’s that right?

In addition to this, Eric gives her the option of using Nature for the tie breaker roll, when the book clearly explains that for the Scout skill, the tie breaker roll must be made with the Health skill.

Because in the Second Edition book there are quite a few errors that have not been corrected, and they still mix rules from the first edition and the second edition, it has made me hesitate between the rules that are written in the book, or the rules that he applies in his game?

Is Eric making a mistake in applying the rules, or has the book not updated these rules?
Is there any publication of Luke Crane correcting the errors of the 2nd Edition?

The Guard Prevail!!

I view that first example of learning a new skill based on current Nature rather than Max Nature as incorrect on his ruling. But, in the small-scale environment it might not be a big deal; it still takes quite a lot of practice to learn the skill unless somehow the player has taxed the Nature down to 1. The more accurate statement is that taxing, then reducing Nature is a means of learning faster.

I view that second example, of gaining a logged test for advancement on both the tied test and the tie-breaker test as incorrect. I would take the book description as clear as crystal. The intent is that any test brings up a single logged pass/fail for advancement. If there is a tie to be broken, it changes the Ability/Skill being tested, so it transfers advancement from the tied test to the tie-breaker test. In the small-scale realm of online-actual-play, the faster rate of advancement made available by advancing two tests due to a tie might be a good way to advance the characters in that format.

In your third example of using Nature as the tie-breaker test rather than Health I would view that as incorrect. The rules are clear on that matter as well.

There is nothing currently available publishing errata for Mouse Guard. I would suggest using the book as closely as possible, and asking about rules from the book directly that seem misleading or need adjustment.


My advice would be: trust the rules, but distrust the examples in the book.


Eric’s process is infected by Torchbearer, I think.


This is perhaps also an example of the pan-RPG Rule 0: even if the GM is wrong, the GM is always right. :slight_smile:

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