Escalating scenes?

So using the scene tokens/checks etc.
We’ve been having a discussion of what/when we decide something is a scene.

eg -
teacher walks into room to start having breakfast.
teacher b goes to join them, they start discussing stuff.
teach c comes in and tells about things happening in playground and needs help
argument breaks out about it.
turns into a fight.

How would that be done? who’se scene is it? etc.
Can the gm escalate a color scene into a duel of wits or fight!

Scene tokens/checks? It looked like you were talking about Mouse Guard at first, then, at the bottom, you mention DoW and Fight!.

Can you be more system specific? I’m not sure what you’re looking for, exactly.

If you’re talking about MG, for your example, there are no checks happening until the argument breaks out. Assuming Teacher C started the argument for the others to come help him/her, she spends a check. The others do not because they’ve been drawn into it.

The fight could result from a compromise or be one of the teachers’ goals. If it doesn’t/isn’t, then whoever starts the fight spends a check to do so. The others do not spend checks.

(p. 75 - Picking Fights and Stuff in the Players’ Turn)

Dionysus, are you talking about Burning Empires?

Its the only book i have - picked up a copy in the local shop :slight_smile: (They even had a copy of mouseguard sitting with the comics too!)

Trying to get my head around the “color, interstitial, build, and conflict” scene pricing.

We tried a very simplified game on friday night (we just had a physical stat, mental stat, and a “profession” stat) to try the mechanics out. The biggest issue we had was when we could help out (ie, when a character could be part of a scene, or if he was already busy elsewhere), etc

The thing is that two of the players are theatre folk - the word scene is pulling up directions from a play/movie and how a scene works there.

It’s Teacher B’s interstitial. He started the discussion.

If you go to dice, the player who goes to the dice must pay for it with one of his scenes – builder or conflict.

It’s bad form to escalate a color scene into a major snit, but it can be done if it fits. Color scenes are rather sacrosanct – a moment in which the player can place his stamp on the world without worrying about interference. AFTER a color scene is done, you should absolutely pile onto a player and riff off of what he’s done.


The way we do it (and it’s not the only way to do it – it just works for us) is that we always announce whose scene it is and what type beforehand.

We use scene tokens - poker chips of different colors. Everyone starts with 1 blue (interstitial), 1 green (color) and 3 red (building rolls, or use all 3 for a conflict scene). To declare a scene, you put your chip in the jar.

Sometimes as a scene is starting, someone else will ask “hey wait, can I get my quick color scene in before this” and then it’s up to the person who declared the scene to decide if they want to temporarily relinquish the floor, or not.

I know some groups tend to play a scene first and then decide whose & what type it was. That sounds fun too, but the tokens seem to work best for us.

One caveat though, is that the way we play, it’s very easy to slip into lazy scene setting, just declaring the basics but forgetting to set the scene and add important details/color. e.g. “okay I want my interstitial now, Jobaz is talking to Gerrnick” and the players just start talking without saying where they are, what’s going on around them, etc. Just a very brief description can work wonders and let players interact with the setting while they role-play. I probably end up saying “hold on, set the scene, where are we?” two or three times each session.

Just wondering - how do players get more scenes in Burning Empires?
In the Mouse Guard you get checks for using traits, but that gets you fate points in BE…

Scenes refresh at the end of the maneuver. You play out one or two maneuvers per session.


Start “metaplot turn”: Pick metaplot action (Maneuver)

Start “RP Turn”:
Everone starts with a limit of:
1 color (soliloqy)
1 interstitial (talkin character to character)
1 builder (3 tasks) or conflict (to resolution)

The GM gets 1 each per NPC Figure of Note, but can only use one conflict amongst the lot.

when everyone is out of scenes, or doesn’t want to use the remaining scenes,

“resolution turn”:
reveal and resolve the metaplot maneuver actions, possibly with advantage dice earned during builders.

If time permits, repeat whole structure.