Escaping a Lock?

Hi, does a Lock penalty remove dice from scripted Avoids to escape said Lock?

I think BWR exempted the Test to escape from the Lock penalty, but BWG doesnt mention this (or perhaps I made it up about BWR?)

Came up last night in play, I ruled the Lock penalty dice were removed from efforts to escape (from the Zombie).


This was one of the big changes I noticed with Gold as well. In Revised you DID get your full dice to resist/escape. As far as I know, that’s an intentional change in Gold. Locks became even more brutal.

In Revised, Locked dice could not be used to escape Locks. You had to use your reduced pool. However, your Power was not reduced when using Natural Defenses to resist the application of a new (or additional) Lock. Gold got rid of Natural Defenses.

Ohh, hey, that reminds me of Yet Another Question—it’s even relevant to this thread’s title, so I’m posting it here. Let’s say you’re Locked by 1D. If you have an Avoid scripted, but your enemy has a Strike scripted that action, do you choose between escaping the Lock and dodging the blow?


I’d say yeah, you get the choice. I can see the GM being a hardass and insisting you script “Escape Lock (Avoid)” if that’s what you intended, but there’s no guarantee that you saw it coming, so I’d allow it. Luke & co. might not, though.

IIRC, in BWR avoid worked against multiple attacks. :shrug:

Answered in this thread sort of it’s based on your intent. So if your intent is to escape you use your avoid to escape. If it’s to avoid the blow you use it to avoid. It does not work for both at the same time.

Works for me.

Whaa?? Not in my Revised bro, double checked this morning. Irrelevant though…we’re in the Golden Age now!

It’s irrelevant, but I’m a nerd, so I’ll argue the point. The example text about getting full dice to escape is Revised errata.

Lock, page 159 of Revised:

“Victims of a Lock are always assumed to be able to struggle to the best of their ability. Therefore, for the purposes of resisting the application* of a Lock, Power dice are never reduced. You always get your full Power to resist a Lock.”

  • Emphasis mine.

Blasted errata! You schooled me this time my friend!

Yeah, I was using the example.