Escorting Merchandise

Sorry I keep writing these like there is no tommorow, but there is that Mouse Guard thing that I was talking about before (in which I’m the GM) coming up and I’m scared I don’t have enough stories. As always tell me if it’s stupid, and what’s stupid about it. Oh and I was going to ask, would not have me clutter up your mission forum section and just make one topic for every like 3 missions I’m making, or do you not mind this?

Escorting Merchandise

“You patrol is assigned to escort a merchant from - to -. He has called upon the Guard to protect him and rightfully so. He carries with him supplies - desperately needs. Normally he could make this journey by him self but for maximum time efficiency he needs to travel past a small lake a swampy thicket. Such places are ripe with dangers of snakes and other predators. Time is of the essence, be on your way.”

Ob. 1 Escort

  1. Ob. 5 Pathfinder check (a short journey +2, overgrown +3)
    P: goto 2
    F: Weather Twist: Cold Rain, goto 2

  2. “You find the lake, but It’s getting late. You could set up camp and rest until morning to get rest (and possibly wait out the storm), or keep moving through The Merchant’s wares are needed in - as soon as possible, but staying up through night will cause fatigue (, and the storm could be hazardous.)”
    Rest: goto 3
    Keep Moving: goto 4

  3. Ob. 6 Survivalist Check (+1 building a shelter, +2 for the patrol)
    P: goto 5 (The Cold Rain stops)
    F: goto 5

  4. “You continue on the journey though the night”
    All players gain the Tired status
    goto 6

  5. “You built adequate shelter for the night.”
    The entire party recovers from the Tired status condition if they have it.

  6. "You stand in front of the lake, you just need to get the merchant to the other side.)
    Ob. 4-6 Boatcrafter check (+1 one use, +3 patrol(+2 cold rain)) (Can be assisted by the Laborer, Smith, and Carpenter skills)
    Ob. 5-7 Pathfinder check (+3 overgrown, +2 infrequently used, (+2 cold rain))
    With either if the Cold Rain is present make a Nature check vs. Fall’s Nature of 5, failure will result in sickness.
    P: goto 7 (If you have passed every test thus far, and choose to move through the night: goto END)
    F: goto 7 (gain hunger or tired)

  7. “You build the boat and set off to the sea, the patrol and the Merchant are sailing along, but suddenly there is a loud screetch, a Hawk appears. It’s right behind you!”
    “You are walking along side the lake when suddenly you hear a loud screetch, a Hawk appears. It’s right behind you!”
    Take an Nature check vs. the Hawk’ Nature of 7
    P: “You manage to escape the Hawk” goto END
    F: goto Ob. 2

Ob. 2 Kill the Hawk

Conflict with Hawk.
P: goto END

END. You have reached the other side of the lake, it is an easily travel from here and the Merchant no longer needs you to accompany him, the Merchant thanks you all.