"Eureka!" in Gold?

Do the Euerka rules still apply?
(MaBu pgs. 173-174)
And if so, can they be applied to Garbled Transmissions?
(Basically, can a spellcaster learn from his mistakes?)
Main issues I have (because I love the idea) are:

  1. It usually is used (only?) with Abstractions.
  2. The Ma Bu Abstractions Wheel of Magic dealt in variances where as in Gold, a Garbled Transmission changes all of the spell facets rather then the number of rings varied or “turned on the wheel” being directly related to how badly you screwed up the spell.

If you accidentally tapped into a facet that you didn’t know, you could test your Sorcery against the facets obstacle to attempt to learn it.

In Gold, a Garbled Transmission changes Everything, thus making a completely different, and possibly new spell. It would be great if some of them could be learned via Eureka!

You only use those wheels for abstractions. BWR had the same wheels as BWG for distilled spells.

But can you learn from your garbled transmissions via sorcery skills like in Eureka?

Yes, the intent is still there to learn from your mistakes. We even talked about it in a recent BWHQ session, where a young sorcerer kept garbling her attempts at a Dispel Magic spell.

Good to know, Thanks!