Even a Five Year Old Can Do It


Today, she insisted we play another game and once we had all the chores done we made time for it. We decided that Autumn convinced Trevor that they should go and get Martin’s chair from weasel- territory after all (to lay up her desire to be the bravest mouse), so that was their mission for today.


That AP was very cool :slight_smile:

I know the GM personally and he is an excllent GM. However, hearing about a successful run with MG on a younger player was great.

Original AP poster here…

Yes, we had a great time: thanks for writing the game, Luke.

It was a combination of a few things that appealed to my daughter… probably the top three were:

  • The question-driven character creation generated a lot of ideas for her guard mouse, and immediately created some investment in the character.
  • The lack of explicit failure in the mechanics (I actually saw this in her face when she failed a roll - initial disappointment that went away when she found out her mouse’s plan worked after all, but that she was merely tired out in the process of doing it).
  • David Petersen’s lovely art and the evocation of the world the mice live in.

I’m not sure whether she’ll be ready to deal with conflicts for a while yet, of course, but as we play more I’ll let more mechanics filter in as she seems ready for them. That will suit my wife, too, who prefers less mechanics in her games.

I’m hoping that playing will help her with learning to read as well - it’s certainly exposing her to a bunch of extra written vocabulary.

I agree. It was great to read that AP! (I’m WaywardMind on blogspot)

Also, not to nitpick, but the creator’s name is David Petersen, not Chris Petersen. :slight_smile:

Glad you enjoyed the AP!

Also, ack at the error (fixed now though)… I got confused with a Chris Peterson who posts on Story Games I think. Sorry David!