"Every mile in summer is two in winter..."

I’m planning a mission for GenCon, and here’s what I’ve planned up so far:

It is Winter of 1152.
A guard patrol, led by Sienna, must travel north to deliver much-needed supplies to Wildseed, Thistledown, Whitepine and Elmwood in the deep of winter.
A mouse in danger brings the threat of winter to the forefront of their minds.

The mice must find a way from Wildseed to Thistledown through the deep snow. Along the way, they will discover a large pond into which a travelling merchant will fall. Traversing the thin ice, they can attempt to rescue the mouse, but they must leave their supplies behind, unguarded. If they do so, a raven appears, trying to steal the food an supplies. If they let the raven make off with supplies the towns may starve. A choice must be made: save the single mouse in front of them, or save the settlements.

After their arrival in Thistledown (with or without supplies), they travel to the other supplements (an obstacle could cause sickness or anger).

On their way back to Lockhaven, they encounter a Badger in search of tasty mice. They flee, heading towards the ice pond. If they succeed at fleeing the badger, it falls into the ice.

What do you all think?

Hi DM,

For the GM’s Turn, what are your two mission hazards and your two twists?

Don’t pre-determine outcomes like this. Allow the descriptions to emerge organically from the conflict goals and test results.