Exactly when did his tongue fall off?

In the final session of a story arc, a character’s tongue is cut off and he passes out through the remainder of the final adventure.

We wrap up with a trait vote and the GM proposes Tongueless… is that right?

On the one hand the story said the tongue came off. On the other hand, the character hasn’t been roleplayed yet as missing his tongue at all.

When is the right time for Tongueless to be voted on? Does it matter that the player objects to his character’s loss of a tongue and refuses to roleplay the disability?

Is this an actual example of play?

You can absolutely earn traits in play outside of the trait vote.

When doing trait votes, story stuff takes precedence. If the story says that a character should have a specific trait, then they should get that trait.

Yes that’s a real play example from last week. Thanks for the help that clears it up :slight_smile:

Yeah, that is not a trait that needs to be voted on. The GM just doles it out as fact, instantly after it happens. No waiting.