Excel Character / Loot / Camp / Town Generator

I’ve created an Excel utility for Torchbearer (yes, I’m stuck in the 90s!). It began as a character sheet, and since then I’ve added a character generator, Loot generator, Camp resolution and Town resolution and Conflict reference sheet functions.

I’d love to share this with the wider community, but wasn’t sure what the restrictions might be on this. I know there’s a nifty online Event & Loot generator, but this spreadsheet goes quite a lot further in terms of its functionality (though you’d not get very far if you didn’t have at least a detailed working knowledge of Torchbearer)

Anyone know? I’d post a link here, but I really don’t want to overstep the mark.



Bug reports & feedback most welcome!

That is wonderful. Thank you!

You’re welcome!

So tempted now to add another 12 character classes to it from a certain person’s expansion / supplement… There is no such thing as a “finished” excel project!

I know the feeling. Seriously though, I’ve been playing with it and you did an amazing job. Thanks again!

I did just remember that I only put 3 towns in. I’ll add more when I get a chance, but you can easily add others by Unhiding the “Town Data” sheet, and then inputing into the town table that’s tucked away in there. It’s reasonably obvious though not entirely explicitly so :slight_smile:

Updated with all towns from base RB.