Excel utility?

Not really a hack or an expansion, but I’m making an Excel utility (as I do for most of my games, sad as I am) for Torchbearer.

At the moment, it’s a character sheet and character generator. I’ve just started to add Camp encounters, Town encounters and Loot tables.

Is this something I can share with the wider community? Or does it cross the line in terms of sharing too much of the core mechanical stuff?

Hi, im starting a game of torchbearer and i also thought of creating an Excel to follow the status of the PC. I send you and email to know if you can share it.


Can get a copy of mine via thread in Adventurers Essentials forum (tho I have just spotted an error, thanks to indecision around US/UK spelling of Armorer/Armourer!)

Thanks! I find it yesterday. Its not what I have in mind but its a great tool. I was thinking of a sheet to track the adventurer equipment and status but I guess its not so necessary.