Exercise/Game: make character BITs based off popular characters

Let’s all make some character BITs based off popular film, t.v., and video game characters.

I would like do a little exercise that could be fun and helpful for those struggling with creating good BITs. Me and my players have struggled with making compelling, and mechanically engaging beliefs, instincts, and traits. It’d be nice to see a bunch of examples and get some practice making some.

Here’s what I’m thinking per character:

  • 2 to 3 Beliefs
  • 1 to 2 Instincts
  • 0 to 2 Traits
  • (Or just whatever amount you want)

I’ll start:

Tony Stark

  • Beliefs
    • The world always needs weapons, so it might as well be me who makes them.
    • world peace can be solved by giving “The good guys” the best arms available. Therefore I’ll only sell to the most responsible buyers.
    • I have to sell my newest weapon the Jericho. Schmooze the buyer with a demonstration and drinks.
  • Instincts
    • Always crack smug jokes, even when it’s inappropriate.
    • If there’s a beautiful woman, hit on her.


  • Beliefs
    • Everyone will die because there aren’t enough resources to go around. I will reduce the population to save the universe.
    • Bias and partiality are wrong. When I make a tough decision, it will be fair and dispassionate.
    • The infinity stones are the ultimate power in the universe. I must obtain them, no matter what it costs me or others.
  • Instincts
    • Never lie even when there are consequences
    • Never ask others to do my dirty work for me.

Anton Chigurh

  • Beliefs
    • I promised to return the money that was stolen. I will kill the man who stole it.
    • I am the arbiter of fates will. If someone lets fate lead their life I will let the coin decide their fate.
    • It is disgusting and repugnant to take something you haven’t earned. Let the coin decide their fate.
  • Instincts
    • I ALWAYS keep my word no matter the consequences.
    • I “have no enemies.” If Anyone starts to become a thorn in my side always kill them. Clients, boss, even friends.
    • I must remain completely anonymous. Therefore I will kill anyone who learns any details about my identity, my crimes, where I’m travelling from, or where I’m going to.

Samus Aran

  • Beliefs
    • The Metroid menace must be stopped before they can be weaponized. Exterminate the Metroid race.
    • Ridley killed my family. He must be stopped from killing others.
    • My Chozo heritage is invaluable. I must Reclaim my peoples artifacts.
  • Instincts
    • If a superior officer gives me a command I always obey.
    • When it comes to helping people, the money doesn’t matter. Run to help if people are in danger.


  • Beliefs
    • As the rightful king of Asgard, to rule over inferior beings is my birthright. I will subjugate a planet and fulfill my glorious purpose.
    • I am accomplished, capable and reliable and I need others to know that. I will show my peers that I am all of these through my successes.
    • I am unlovable as myself. I need to break off my relationship with Thor before he leaves me instead.
  • Instincts
    • Always assert my authority in conversation with my would be subjects.
    • If I can identify someone’s trauma and inner demons, weaponize it to my advantage.
    • Always take the more decadent option as befits a king.

I know you all could come up with way better beliefs for these and all sorts of other characters. If you want to play along, go ahead and post some BITs, or just critique/suggest alternatives for any posted ones.

(Also, not sure if this belonged here or in Character Burner. Feel free to move if needed)

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