Expanding the scope of your circles in play

I have a character who is a wandering sorcerer. They were born in the city, became a neophyte sorcerer, went to uni as a student, and then went to the front as a wizard of war.

From the game’s outset, if I want to use circles, I can now circle up folks from within the city-born setting, and the professional soldier subsetting. I cannot circle up people from other settings.

Is it possible to expand this list after play begins? Either as part of play, or as the result of something done during downtime?

Thank you very much.

Yup! During the Trait Vote, give them a die trait that grants access to appropriate circles. Check out the Cosmopolitan trait for inspiration.

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The pure RAW way is to earn a trait via the trait vote. There are a few examples in the book that expand your circles, and you are completely free to make up your own traits when it comes time to vote things on. Just play your character as a good friend to sailors, peasants, nobles, or whatever setting you are trying to get, and lobby for it when the trait vote comes.

A very common rules drift (but it is a drift) is to allow you to use your affiliations to circle up people in other settings that are part of that affiliation. Most groups I’ve played with run that way, and so run it by your GM. In that case, getting a new affiliation would open up new possibilities for you.

We do it through trait votes. There are some example traits in BWG like “Power Behind the Throne”.

Don’t go the affiliation route! Affs are meant to be specializations, not expansions.

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That’s a very elegant way of doing it. Thank you very much everyone.