Experimenting with World Burning

Because I thought a sub-index world really could work as a BE setting, if you take the proper approach.

(Side note the first: Not exactly a collaborative work, burned together with a play group; did this all on my lonesome. Fling poo my way if this is really such a bad thing. OTOH, I don’t intend to Viking Hat a bunch of players into defending this world Or Else, either - this is just for fun.)

(Side note the second: Somewhat weirdly enough, the Dispositions came out even-steven between the two sides, over the three Phases; each side gets 58 Disposition total. This was mostly by accident. Fiddling with a few of the miscellaneous world settings to minimize the Vaylen disadvantage during Invasion - that 8 Dispo from Core World is tough to overcome - was done on purpose, tho. But I ain’t apologizing for it - deciding that the world strip-mines its Raw Materials, or has huge poisoned/irradiated regions as the manifestation of its Rugged Terrain, wouldn’t have come out without using the Burner to get the creative juices flowing.)

Hah! I think it looks awesome. Plenty of story ideas pop up just from that burning.

Oh, and “bombed off the index” is definitely one for the files :slight_smile:


Cool world!

Note that although the dispositions are even in toto, the Vaylen have a slight advantage. Disposition in the early phases is worth slightly more, as victories in those phases allow you to roll half your remaining disposition over into the following phase.

Of course, Nevsky is very close in those initial phases, so the Vaylen would have to play their hands very, very carefully in order to carry off a victory.