Explaining Conflict Actions?

More specifically, how do I explain the difference between Feint and Manouver? I know how they differ mechanically, but what I want to know is how to explain them in principle. The question I get is: Isn’t a Feint a manouver?

They seem similar enough that it seems to create confusion. How do I clear that up? Is there a good metaphor?

A Feint is an attack that relies upon the actions of the opponent to define it. A Maneuver is not an attack at all, but instead a method to arrange the field upon with the conflict is taking place to hinder the opponent and/or give advantage to the one who maneuvers. The primary difference is that a Feint is an attack and a Maneuver is not.

a Feint is a trick to strike now. You make believe something and blam! you hit at this right moment
a Manouver is to take a step back to prep for the next action. You assess/get ready/enthrall the opposition and take a deep breath before your next move.

Right. A Feint is a shortcut, a dirty trick, luring the enemy into a trap, waiting for them to say the wrong thing and then coming at them with a searing argument from a completely different direction.

A maneuver is getting into a narrow space or hallway so they can only come at you one at a time or can’t use their bulk to their advantage, taking the high ground, taking to the trees to avoid the floodwaters, or steering the conversation toward a particular subject.

A feint, in the most literal sense, is making it look like you’re trying to hit spot A, so as to draw the opponent’s defenses to there, so you can alter the attack and hit the now open point B instead.

Think faking a right hook then kneeing in the crotch as the hands come up.

Or implying the crook needs an alibi for a murder, when you’re simply trying to get him to admit to the robbery across town.

Or throwing the ball to get the saint bernard out from in front of the door.

Feint is one of those things I almost always have a hard time describing in a game, and then I’ll be reading a book and I’ll spot something and think “That was totally a feint!” Then it’ll fade from my memory and I’ll still struggle with describing a feint.