Faction Question v2

Thor’s Note: Split from this thread

So that means: “add the +2 one time” and go for it again in the next phase"?

Phase as in “Usurpation Phase” or “Invasion Phase.” So activating a faction lasts for a good long time and can provide a pretty healthy benefit to your disposition for the rest of the phase if you need it. It also gives an interesting choice, do you spend two maneuvers Assessing a faction and then activating it to help you, or do you spend those two maneuvers going after your enemy directly. Both have significant story ramifications and will color how future engagements play out.

And it isn’t like the faction isn’t around if they haven’t been activated, you can still interact with them and do stuff involving them, activating a faction just takes them from being a neutral party that’s doing their own thing to actively working for one side or the other. For instance, activating a Merchant League faction for a side could be described as making contact with the league to use their ships to ferry in needed supplies to anti-Vaylen freedom fighters. Likewise, forcing the Merchants out of play for the rest of the phase could be woven into the story as an orbital blockade, or threats of a plague that keeps shipping traffic out, or even someone engineering a hostile takeover that leaves the league trying to sort itself out for a few months. The point is that the faction isn’t destroyed, it just gets tied up in something and doesn’t figure its stuff out until the next phase.

And in case I totally missed your point and went off on a giant crazy tangent, you are allowed to Assess and then Take Action to activate a faction in each phase and get their disposition bonus in each phase.