Faction Rules in Anthology to run a business?

Like the title says. We’re gearing up for a game now and my players are going to be a merchant family on the rise. One conceit of course is that they’re running a business together.

Looking at the Faction rules, I wonder, could I use these rules to simulate their business? I assumed I’d start at the beginning by making them roll Resources individually to create the “Faction’s” Fund dice. They then could donate their property to it (and I assume we assume that this business is their source of income Resource rule-wise; I still want them making individual choices about lifestyle maintenance of course).

Thoughts? Am I on the right track? Or are the Faction rules not meant for this?

Having assessed the factions rules, I see two main strengths in that system.

  1. It provides a skeleton on which to build internal political conflict: You get to chart out who’s in charge, what powers the leader has within the faction, and who in the inner circle has what authority over the faction (if any). That creates a nice little space for internal back-stabbing and ladder-climbing.

  2. It provides a structure for resolving big picture elements between many organizations in conflict (or at least contest). You might buy up other enterprises, negotiate trade partnerships, or wage outright war with your competitors. This is not just about running a business; it’s about surviving (or thriving) in a world of cut-throat enterprise.

If either (or both!) of those prospects align with your vision for your game, I think the faction rules will be worth taking for a spin.


Pretty much yes! That’s the sort of thing I’m looking for and hoping for.

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