There is something about factions… to it is like the sensation of the “missing tooth” you worry over something that is not there.

Okay. After an Assess (successful one) you may Use a Take Action to gain control of a faction. Assuming you are successful… you may control or destroy that faction, thus gaining the Disposition Points the faction is worth.


  1. Is the control of the faction primarly color? (as you gain the Disp bonus for control or destruction).

  2. In the Next Phase does the Faction have to be regained? if destroyed does it remerge? Or does group that controls it keep control and gain the bonus for the New Phase?

  3. (A tie in for question 2) Once controlled may the other Team (so to speak) attempt to wrest control of the faction from the controling team?

I really like factions. Allot. that is why I worry about my understanding of the mechanics aroudn their control/destruction so much.


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  1. No, control of the faction is not primarily color. Control of the faction involves a transfer of points in the Infection. I know you know this, but I want to be clear: points take something from being color to having in-game weight. What the control means is up to the group.

  2. Factions are up for grabs again in the next phase. You don’t keep them phase on phase.

  3. Once controlled in a phase, the faction is locked in for that side. If you want to struggle for control of a faction, you better get started early. That struggle is represented by your maneuvers and in-game conflicts.



and a Destroyed Faction… In the next Phase it is: Resurected or gone for good. Or is this up to us.

We destroy the Theocratic Choir (a non- Mundus Humanitas Church Faction) in the Infiltration Phase, but in the Usurpation Phase we can introduce the Phyric Brotherhood (A Mundus Humanitas Church Faction that is a Redoctrination group that has come to reclaim the Planet), and the Vaylan and humans can vy for control for them?

Aside: I played Vampire for years and years. But it was NEVER, EVER this Machnivellian and evil (regardless of that the producers claimed). Thank you Luke, Thank you.

Yes, the Theocracy can represent a new sect moving in and taking over or it could represent the Choir being reborn from its own ashes. Hell, the Theocracy might not even come into play in the Usurpation phase due to the way the game evolves in play.

You know what? You determine exactly what happens in play. The options are myriad and yours to pick from.

You’re welcome. I sincerely hope you enjoy playing it as much as I do.