My group and I are currently burning our first world together and I have come across some confusion regarding factions.

The rulebooks states that each player chooses one faction. Does this include the GM?

It has to be said the bits of the world burning we have done so far have really been fun.

Our world is a high tech world situated out in the void. Vast oceans cover its surface and the majority of the population live on the many small islands dotted all over the place. The ruling nobility live on large anti-gravity palaces which drift serenely across the seas. Their authourtiy is currently challenged by a church cult who worship the Leviathans, large aquatic animals that are harvested for a special oil that the young produce.

Basically it’s turning out to be a bit like Dune. Only wetter.

Hey Phil,

Welcome! Yes, that includes the GM. Note though that each player may introduce a faction but doesn’t have to.

Cool! I shall now inform my players!

Thanks for your swift response!

Exits to sounds of evil laughter

My pleasure! Be sure to come back and tell us how World Burning went.