Factoring Pathfinder


Do you set the Ob for Pathfinder test equal to the season’s rating? So, Pathfinding in spring would be Ob 6 and in the fall would be Ob 5?

The reason I ask is because I’m working on a mission and I’m trying to make sure I’ve factored the wilderness obstacle right. The mission is in early spring and the patrol has to travel from Lockhaven to Blackrock, but spring snow has obscured the trail requiring a Pathfinder test to locate Blackrock.

I factored like this:

  • a short journey: 2
  • well traveled: 1
  • spring snow: 1

So my end Ob rating is 4.

But, in the sample spring mission in the book, Deliver the Mail, sets up a similar obstacle, but the Ob rating is 6. Why 6? I see in the seasons chapter that spring is rated 6, but I thought that was factored into Weather Watcher tests only.

Any help?

I don’t have the factors in front of me, but having done the Deliver the Mail mission, I’m fairly sure it wouldn’t be considered a short journey. So that probably accounts for some (if not all) of the discrepancy.

Hi Jason,

Use the Pathfinder factors on page 251.

However, the GM may, at his discretion, add factors for certain environmental conditions. Check Time, Weather and Night Factors on page 232.

If I remember correctly from when we first played the Deliver the Mail scenario, it was a journey to a remote or isolated place on an infrequently used path (Ob 6), although it might have been a well-traveled path with one factor added for the Weather, which would also get you Ob 6.


Ahhh, yes. That’s why it is higher than mine, because it is farther away. Duh!

Thanks for the help.