Failed Circles tests by the GM

When a GM character fails a Circles test, who decides whether or not to invoke Enmity Clause? The GM or the PCs?



I always left it to the PCs to call. Afterall I did have to make it to the door at the end of the session. I didn’t feel up to making it past 5 players, or kicking out the window behind me to make my escape. :wink: I usually made a point of discussing it a bit before the roll. Roughly what failure might mean, details got filled in after. Sometimes just with in character discussions. The players came up with some good ones.

I think it would be weenie as hell for the GM to veto an Emnity Clause. I fact think there was a thread here somewhere, that Luke contributed to(?), that suggested Emnity Clause was automatic on failed GM Circles roll.

Technically, it’s the GM’s call. That’s according to the RAW, right? But when I fail a Circles test in BE, the players always whoop for glee and start shouting out suggestions for the enemies. I then usually resort to Rule 0 in BE – don’t be a dick. I give 'em what they ask for.


Unless the rules specifically say otherwise, the rules are the same for the GM as they are for the players. In this case, the GM decides whether to apply the Enmity Clause or not.

Still, in the spirit of gentlemanly competition, the GM should make certain not to abuse this privilege. Feel free to listen to the other players. If you see a legitimate and compelling reason for use of the Enmity Clause, invoke it! If you don’t, or no one has a very good immediate idea for what the Enmity Clause would entail, then just declare the test failed and move on. (The same guidelines should hold true for player-initiated Circles tests)

If only none of them would come up with a ‘good’ idea. But at least it keeps it interesting. Bless their little black, twisted hearts. :rolleyes:

That’s pretty much what I expected. I’m actually more worried about the reverse case: I need the character in the game, and I want to be able to invoke the Enmity Clause if I fail.


You’re worried you won’t make him enemy enough?

I think he’s rather worried that is he fails the roll and inserts the NPC as an enemy, the players will feel cheated somehow. (“you failed but got your wish”)

Right. It’s rather important to me that the Archcotare is able to summon an Inquisitor, so I want the Inquisitor to show up even if he fails the Circles roll. I’m not too worried about working this out with the people in the game, but I did want to make sure that I understood what the rules actually intended.

If the players are upset that you created a potential ally for them that can penetrate your network, they’re doing something wrong. I have faith that your players will immediately see how to turn the Enmity Clause against your poor, hard-working Vaylen.

I always really enjoyed turning over the Enmity Clause reins to my players. They’d come up with all kinds of perversions of my intent, and that was fun. I’d also have even more license, as GM, to do the same back to them.