Failed Resources Tests

Based on pages 28-29, I gather that when a character fails a Resources test, I have three options as GM

*Inflict a twist (they can’t buy it)
*Inflict a condition (they still buy it)
*Inflict tax (they still buy it)

If I inflict Tax, and all or most of the dice rolled were treasure, it’s very likely the character will suffer 0 Tax.

So, if I let them, a character with R0 can still buy just about anything with 1D Cash. (Take 12 dice of tax for that fleet of warships…) But I don’t have to let them. (The grand admiral laughs in your face… add him as an enemy)

This seems most important for things like the Religious Services in town- pay for first circle prayer with 3D cash- even if you fail the roll, you can pay the Tax.

Is this correct? Should the GM allow or encourage this sort of thing, or be more stringent with enforcing twists with this sort of roll?

You’ve got it Willow! If a player wants to cover the entire ob with cash dice to ward against tax, that’s perfectly fine. After all, you need failed tests to advance your resources from Resources 2 on. And you’ve always got the option of inflicting a twist or another condition if they’re getting a little cocky.