Failing a Mission

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I have been reading the rooms and I think I may have missed something…

Can the patrol fail a mission? or the Mission is simply something that they need to deal that has a “satisfactory” outcome and if they faile, the outcome is also achieved but in a nasty way?

like, in the Turtle mission example in the rules
Success: they get to the town in time and send the turtle away with no issue
Failure: the turtle eats most of the mice in the town and leave

Or in this case should the turtle not leave at all and the players are forced to return?

How should the “mission fail” be handled ?

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  • Miguel

If your mission is only normal tests by definition the patrol shouldn’t really fail the mission fully.
If your mission includes a crucial conflict you can definetly fail the mission if you fail the conflict.

I don’t think it works in a wholly binary manner, from my reading of the rules. The mission is finished if the mice have achieved what Gwendolyn sent them out to do. Also, notice how Goals don’t hinge upon the mission’s success! You could fail the mission while still achieving all of your goals and earning persona for that. Sometimes, you’ll fail at the mission, but it’ll snowball into something bigger, which is what happened in Fall 1152. Or did they fail at the mission, since they uncovered something more important?

Success is something the Patrol needs to continually strive for, because it’s part of their mandate. But it may not be something that’s easy to measure! There may be an outcome that, under one light, is abject failure…but if you look at it another way, it’s a success!