Failures and Sorcery

I noticed at least one example in the Failures thread where GMs suggested failure complications for Sorcery. However, I feel this is unnecessary. Sorcery already has failure results built into its mechanics.

First, there is the Tax test and loss of Forte, possibly resulting in wounds. Then, there’s the Wheel of Magic. When a spell fails because the Ob wasn’t met or it was interrupted, there’s the DOF and the defined results. Adding further complications is double-penalizing.

I think this was somewhat different, sort of the “I’m going to try casting something I’ve never ever attempted”. I’m not sure how everyone manages that situation, but in that case–I’d actually want a potential consequence that was above and beyond (or maybe in replacement of) the usual. Just my own thoughts on the matter.

Sure there will be tax, & there is WoM, but some off the cuff effects rather than the WoM was what I was looking for;
It’s magic after all, and defies your attempts to define it.

I was of course, based of the scene in the early chapeters of ‘Magician’.