Faith AND Sorcery

So, I’ve seen the old threads saying that this is super powerful. I believe wholeheartedly that it’s a bad idea, but what sorts of shit happens?

The character on the table has Faith B5 and Sorcery B4, with Shards as his only spell. This doesn’t seem too powerful for a short arc. My guess is that it gets insane at slightly higher power levels and/or with different spells, such as when you use Hindrance to paralyze someone, Bless yourself then use Force of Will. Stuff like that.

What other sickening possibilities open up?

Is it partly that Sorcery is so powerful in specific ways, but Faith is so flexible? Turning the character into a two-ability powerhouse?

“Dear God, let me smite my enemies with fire…” (Aid to Sorcery)

Boosting Suasion with the Persuasion Spell and Aid would be sick. He’d amass followers by the thousands!

What a great idea for a Messiah/Anti-Messiah NPC though. What a villain they’d make!