Faith in R&C

Another question as I put my priest through his paces.

Faith is considered a tandem action in Fight – so I can be muttering short prayers while doing other things.

I assume that holds true for R&C and since each volley is approximately 20 actions, my priest should have no problem getting off prayers.

My question is, as far as praying for things that directly affect die rolls (boon, bless, aid, etc), what will I be able to help out on? Only actual actions in the volley? Or would I be able to help whatever is being rolled for positioning as well?

No, a prayer requires an action in R&C. I don’t have my book in front of me, but I’m certain this is in there somewhere.

I’ll double-check. I tried to spot it, but didn’t see anything when I looked last night.

BWG p.526, “Prayer and Range and Cover”

“In order to say a prayer during Range and Cover, you must earn an action.”